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EFOS does not perform aptitude tests. From previous experience we know that the talent for flying shows after a few hours in the air. We will introduce everybody to flying. We welcome all age groups. The art of a flight instructor is to lead every candidate to a successful completion of his training .

Airport Zurich

Already in the basic training you get used to the activities of an international airport and learn how to cooperate with them. With that you win the indispensable self-confidence to approach large airports all over the world. That is an enormous advantage towards the training in a "Motorflightclub" on small airports. Infrastructur and service are excellent. The demanded slots are easy to handle and prevent delays. With the decrease of traffic small aircrafts are more than welcome.
About us
All students will be looked after individually. Privat contact is welcome. We know the demands for a successful training very well.
Approximately 1000 graduated pilots from PPL to CPL/IR. 70% of the trained commercial pilots fly with Swiss. The other 30% spread over all the other airlines that are based in Switzerland. You also find EFOS graduates in different cockpits abroad.
We have one of the most beautiful and versatile aircraft fleets in Switzerland that we also use for training. If you want to fly yourself you can charter our aircrafts for resonable prices. We also further use them for taxi-, scenic-, curier- and cargo-flights all over Europe.
We hope with this discourse we could win you for our flight school. We would be happy to accompany you on your way to become a privat or commercial pilot.
Yours sincerely
Flight School EFOS
Konrad F. Schutzbach
Head of Training
Calculation of costs: In opposition to many other flight schools EFOS does not charge the blocktime but the actually flight time from takeoff to landing. The blocktime (rolling from and to the parking position) is only shown in the student's flightbook. The flying hour price can be reduced by about 30%.
Advanced Integrated Flight Program (AIFP): We combine one- and two-engine aircrafts for the CPL/IR-training to reduce the costs. Alternatively we offer a variation to accumulate hours in the States.


Airlines put a high value on well-founded "oneman operation"-training, but they do not favour a specific flight school.
Preconditions are a valid CPL/IR licence with ATPL frozen. If necessary MCC and the personal qualification. The present shortage of jobs with airlines will change at some point. The training takes 2-3 years, so start your training now and later your hobby can become your job. Aircanada

After the training

Qualifierprogram (QFP) and Maintain High Standard Program (MHSP): After your training it is important to choose a flight school where you can rent planes for a good price. With us you also have the possibility to join our taxiflights as a copliot. This way you keep the standard of the training and get an easier start into a two-man-cockpit. When jobs open be prepared for a waiting period. At that point we help with our two low-priced connection programs.


Contrary to the airlines there is always requirements for businessflights. Low fare airlines like Ryanair, Germanwings, Air Berlin, Virgin, Odette etc. expand enormously. During the next few years the market for pilots will be normalised. On the top of commercial airlines you can enter upon a career as flight instructor. There is also the possibility of taking an activ part in our taxiflight- and cargo-business.

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According to the latest JAR-Regulations there is a difference between flight schools with RF- and with FTO-certificate. Flight Schools with RF-certificate (registered facilities) help you to get the PPL-basic training. FTO's (Flying Training Organistaion) on the other hand offer commercial pilot-, multi engine- and instrument rating-training. EFOS has the certificate for all of them. For a steady pilot training it is important to choose a flight school that covers the whole range.

Training standards and human factors

Swiss flight schools in general are endowed with a high degree of training. Flight instructors as executive organs of the flight schools come under the purview of a strong selection by the BAZL. But the distribution of theory and practical training is very different. Also the strategy of the flight schools are left open. With the basic training EFOS already takes you to the step that can lead to an employment with an airline. Also human aspects like the experience of the flight instructors, their psychological and educational abilities set a standard. Beside of the technical knowledge EFOS sets a high value on human relations between flight instructor and student pilot. The student pilot should feel safe and comfortable.

Comparison of Costs

The statutory demands of flighttime are based on a minimum. In practice those numbers most of the time will be exceeded. The total costs of the training depend on the efforts of the student. The only possible comparison of costs can be found within the hour prices of the planes.
Minimized Training: A minimized Training repays itself only in the fewest cases. EFOS graduates should feel safe after their training. In case of professional ambitions the training primarily for copilot would count as the minimum. The training would be incomplete if later on you did not get a job. EFOS gives priority to the well-founded SPA (Single Pilot Aircraft) training. We do not train copilots, we train captains!
Simulator: Our ATC-810 is the worldwide best-selling microprocessor driven simulator and is used in many flight schools. It is essential to the practical training on the plane. For PPL and CPL/IR we can manage without the expensive equipment modules "full motion" and "visual display" without loosing any quality of the training. The simulator has to be rather inexpensive in order to be able to finance a generously arranged training. The training on the plain has a higher ranking than a virtual computer presentation on the monitor. That is why we grant the simulator a complementary but important function in our training concept.
Cockpit Layout: You will train with planes that have modern conventional cockpits. The training with fly-by-wire, EFIS and other type oriented systems is not profitable for professional pilot candidates. When it comes to taking up a position in an airline there will be a retraining on the respective airplane anyway.

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